T.S. LARKING is an American artist currently based in the USA.  She grew up partly in SoCal and partly on a ranch in the Southwest.  She has travelled, lived overseas, worked as a video game designer, and developed passions for art, design, music, and cooking.

Digital & Traditional Media (Watercolour, Graphite, Pen & Ink, Acrylic) are her tools; she enjoys implementing a traditional look even in pieces that are entirely digital.  She hopes to master Composition and enjoys creating appealing art in unexpected ways.  Her process is intuitive and emotive; music energizes her work sessions.

She takes pride in a job well done, and loves evoking positive reactions in her audience.  Once in a while she gets her husband to critique her art (or her cooking), thankfully the response is usually positive.




Email:   tslarking@gmail.com

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