My Story

Art and happiness

Life becomes more joyful when you can be creative:  What was tedium becomes meditation, what was work becomes play.  We're endowed with a creative soul - everyone who creates, has a hobby, pursues improvement, or puts their heart into something positive, is an Artist.  

A Need to satisfy Balance 

Studying composition has been invaluable, artistically and in life.  I have a passion for many things, so one challenge has been to satisfy my need to work in more than one way, but also to bring my work into focus.  This led to working in separate, but related styles I enjoy.


Golden Era

A love of literature, history, mythology, and fantasy powers my development of this style.  I call it "Golden Era" because it is in part inspired by the Golden Age masters such as Arthur Rackham, Edmund Dulac, and Kay Nielsen.  I hope to create these variations in "Visual Music" that are striking to the modern eye but also have something reminiscient of the past, of stories long gone by.



Letting the inner kid loose, I like to turn off the judge as much as possible, maybe influenced by childhood memories of Mary Blair, Eyvind Earle & Gustav Tenggren; and surrealist fantasy artists like James Christensen, Daniel Merriam, & various watercolor illustrators.  I called this style "Marionette" because somewhere in my subconscious are these small escapes from the difficulties of life:  trees to climb, puppet theaters, music boxes, and Willy Wonka candy-forests. 

"We are the music-makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams..."
--Arthur O'Shaughnessy


How I work

Tem in her natural state -

@ work

Mediums & Tools

Digitally: Photoshop is my staple but I love other software and may sometimes use something else in addition to it.
Traditionally:  Watercolor, Pen & Ink are the favorites; but I enjoy mixing media.

The Digital vs Traditional Thing...

For ages I was torn between digital and traditional work.  Development of working methods led me to work both ways - although there is just as much effort put into digital methods, it provides expediency and flexibility that traditional media just can't provide.  Traditional media is inherently beautiful, so I work toward ways to combine the best of both worlds.



Never stop growing - it doesn't make sense for someone to say 'oh, you're there, you can stop now.'  If you've mastered something, there's always a new challenge out there, and staying positive while also keeping healthy boundaries (Know Thyself) is a part of growing.

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