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About the Artist

Tem "T.S." LARKING is an Artist & Designer based in the USA, currently creating artwork for licensing.

She grew up in Southern California and New Mexico; has travelled, and lived overseas for over a decade. 
In her professional life she has worked as a game designer, teacher, consultant & manager.  She enjoys both working with people and solo.  

She has been an artist since the mid 2000's, working steadily through many life challenges, to hone her eye and craft; and was blessed enough to master her eye for Composition by training with excellent teachers.  

She loves all aspects of design; & the way other art forms inspire us; poetry, cooking, dance, music.  

She hopes to promote joy, healing, faith, and love for Creation through her work, her core motive as an artist is to share beauty and inspiration with others.

About the Art

Tem's workflows vary, sometimes using Traditional media, sometimes Digital; often using collage and painting in watercolor, acrylic and mixed media; or creating fantastic works with a mix of digital tools or Ethically-trained AI to augment highly intricate designs, along with her hand-created textures and patterns.


As with her other Digital tools, AI allows her to break limitations; for pieces that require many hours of human love and effort.  She is thrilled to be able to create as was not humanly possible previously, producing re-imagined works as distant loving echoes of days gone by; as in the Art Nouveau movement and Golden Age of illustration.  

This desire to promote the beauty of past times, and personal childhood influences inhabit each piece - colors, treasured objects; natural motifs & symbols.  Her passion for colour and light breathes life into her work, but is also a reaction to the cold concrete modern world. Creating a beautiful world and encouraging others to create joyful things drives her.

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