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New Works


Dragonfly's Radiance

added February 2023




Music of the Spirit

added January 2022

Electric Moon

added November 2022

Aura of the Dragonfly
added October 2022

News & Project Updates


I am a licensed artist working on art for products I love.   Currently producing for a company I'm tremendously excited to be working with.

2022-2023 has been a period of major growth, but with a 'letting go' of much of my old work and style, to make way for the new.   New work is constantly in the making, as my process continues to be refined and made more efficient.  


~ What's Ahead ~

Dreamcatchers, Gemstones and the Symbolic aspects of Native American Art are a deep part of my childhood memories; combining these features with a degree of fantasy, and a Spiritual aspect or passion is what drives my work.


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