Image by Arthur Rackham

Interests & Influences

I love design.  The rest is an amalgamation of interests: literature, history, & mythology; using the senses - I love to infuse flavor into my cooking; I might stare at a plain wall until I see all the colors and subtleties in it that I didn't appreciate before.  The feeling of being alive is intensified when I think like an artist.


Golden Age Masters like Arthur Rackham, Edmund Dulac, Kay Nielsen, and Alphonse Mucha; Modern masters like Mary Blair & James Christensen and watercolor illustrators.  That said, there are many artists that have influenced me, all in their own ways.  


Visual Music and Playfulness

I hope to create these variations in "Visual Music" that are striking to the modern eye but might also have something reminiscient of the past, of stories long gone by.  Music is essential to me; rhythms, patterns, colors, using all the senses but knowing how to conduct them - this has been a challenge.

"We are the music-makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams..."
--Arthur O'Shaughnessy

The Digital vs Traditional Thing...

I work with both Traditional and Digital media! Development of working methods led me to work both ways - although there is just as much effort put into digital methods, it provides expediency and flexibility that traditional media just can't provide.  Traditional media is inherently beautiful, so I work toward ways to combine the best of both worlds.


Mediums & Tools

Digitally: Photoshop is my staple but I love other software and may sometimes use something else in addition to it.
Traditionally:  Watercolor, Pen & Ink are the favorites; but I enjoy mixing media.

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