Tem "T.S." LARKING is an Artist & Designer based in the USA. 

She grew up in Southern California and on a ranch in the Southwest; has travelled, lived overseas, worked as a game designer, and amassed many other cherished life experiences.

Early on, she created art in Watercolor, Acrylic and Mixed media for prints, cards, community, garden and gallery shows overseas; but chose to further her studies upon returning to the USA. 

Tem spent a number of years intensely studying Visual Composition, focusing on the Masters of Golden Age, Art Nouveau, and various modern influences.  She developed her own style and techniques, and practices her craft daily, with a passion for colour
, light, textures and pattern-work

She enjoys applying the concepts of Composition to both art and other endeavors of life - cooking, music, & contemplative walks.  She hopes to express joy, faith, and love for Creation & creativity through her work.


email Tem at:  tslarking@gmail.com