Tem "T.S." LARKING is an Artist, Digital Painter and Designer based in the USA. 

She grew up in SoCal and on a ranch in the Southwest.  She has travelled, lived overseas, worked as a video game designer, and amassed many other cherished life experiences.

Early on, she created art in Watercolor, Acrylic and Mixed media for prints, cards, community, garden and gallery shows overseas; but began to use Digital tools and chose to further her studies upon returning to the USA. 

She spent a number of years studying the Masters, focusing on Golden Age, Art Nouveau, and various modern influences.  She Mastered Visual Composition, developed her own style and techniques in Digital & Traditional medias, and practices her craftsmanship daily, with a passion for colour
, textures and pattern-work.

Traditional Media is her first love - the textural, natural beauty of Watercolor & Acrylics; Photoshop is her digital tool of choice.  She wields the wacom pen like an art-ninja.  


email Tem at:  tslarking@gmail.com